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Starting January 1, 2022, this Joint Stamp Issues web site has been transferred to a new site to be found under the address
This site will remain accessible until at least end of 2022, but not updated anymore. It will be erased when all the archived information will have been completely transfered to the new site.

New Issues 2018 (July - September)

This page collects only issues released during the year 2018, period July to September. 

As it is not such obvious as it looks to find this information, this list is probably not yet complete. In certain countries, joint issues are often announced on the day of the issue and sometimes it takes months before this information and the corresponding stamps reach us. Data on missing issues or supplementary information, particularly for countries, which are producing joint issues exceptionally, will be highly appreciated.

Most recent update of this section on October 2, 2019.

2018 (July 9) - [P20180709]
Croatia (July 10) - Cyprus - Egypt - France (July 6) - Greece (July 20) - Jordan - Lebanon - Malta - Morocco - Portugal - Slovenia - Spain (July 5) - Tunisia - Turkey
EuroMed: Mediterranean houses. Parallel issue [P1].
Different stamps. Different types of houses found around the Mediterranean area. Multicolored.

1 to 4 stamps per country - FDCs

Another two countries could have participated to this issue, namely Libya and Palestine. No news available at this point.


2018 (July 12) - [P20180712]
Germany - South Africa
100th birthday of Nelson Mandela. Parallel issue [P1].
Different stamps. Two different portraits of Nelson Mandela (1918-2013), former president of South Africa, Peace Nobel Price (1993). Multicolored.

1 stamp (Germany) and 1 souvenir sheet (South Africa) – FDCs – mixed FDCs with stamps – mixed ETB (Germany)

2018 (July 18) - [S20180718]
Algeria - Burkina Faso - Central Africa (December 12) - Djibouti (December 13) - Gambia - Kenya (October 9) - Liberia - Libya - Niger - Sierra Leone (December 28) - South Africa - Togo - Tunisia
100th birthday of Nelson Mandela. Pan-African Postal Union (PAPU) joint issue. Siamese issue [S1].
Identical stamps and souvenir sheets (larger stamp for Burkina Faso, slightly smaller for Kenya; two types of portraits; A, with clear colored margins; B, with red margin (Libya and Tunisia only). Portrait of Nelson Mandela (1918-2013), former president of South Africa, Peace Nobel Price (1993). Multicolored.

1 stamp and/or 1 souvenir sheet per country – miniature sheets with 6 stamps - FDCs – Siamese souvenir sheet with 5 countries (Central Africa – Djibouti – Niger – Sierra Leone – Togo) in two forms, also avaiulable as imperforated

Zimbabwe and Equatorial Guinea have also been reported as having issued stamps within this issue, but nothing has been seen so far.

2018 (July 26) - [T20180726]
India - South Africa
125th year of Mahatma Gandhi’s Pietermaritzburg station incident - Birth centenary of Nelson Mandela. Twin issue [T1].
Identical stamps. Portraits of Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) and Nelson Mandela (1918-2013). Multicolored.

2 stamps (India) and souvenir sheet (both countries) - FDC (The Indian souvenir sheet is almost four times the size of the South African one)

2018 (July 27) - [T20180727]
Lithuania - Poland
300th Anniversary of the Coronation of the Image of Our Lady of Trakai - Lithuanian Patroness (1718-2018). Twin issue [T1].
Identical stamps. Icone. Multicolored.

1 stamp per country – FDC – mixed FDC

2018 (August 21) - [T20180821]
Central Africa - Djibouti (August 27) - Guinea (August 28) - Sierra Leone (August 30)
Chinese Zodiac. Twin issue [T1].
Identical stamps, with only the color of the background different Central Africa, blue; Djibouti, green; Guinea, rose; Sierra Leone, grey beige); each country issued a miniature sheet with 12 stamps and 12 souvenir sheets. The twelve zodiacal signs. Multicolored.

Miniature sheets with 12 different stamps and 12 different souvenir sheets for each country - FDCs

All souvenir sheets and miniature sheets bear in the margin the following text; “EMISSION COMMUNE ENTRE REPUBLIQUE CENTRAFRICAINE, REPUBLIQUE DE DJIBOUTI, REPUBLIQUE DE GUINEE, SIERRA LEONE » (Joint issue between Central Africa Republic, Djibouti Republic, Guinea Republic and Sierra Leone) with the pictures of all four flags. French language is used on all items from all four countries, even the ones that use English as official language.


2018 (August 28) - [T20180828]
Estonia - Israel
Litwinsky House. Location of the Honory consulate of Estonia in Palestine in 1929. Twin issue [T1].
Identical stamps. Litwinsky House in Tel-Aviv. Multicolored.

1 stamp per country – FDCs - mixed FDC – mixed maxi-cards – mixed souvenir leaf (Israel)

2018 (August 29) - [T20180829]
Armenia - India
25th anniversary of relationship - topic: dances. Twin issue [T1].
Identical stamps. Hov Arek dance and Manipuri (Jagoi) dance. Multicolored.

2 stamp per country – souvenir sheet (India) – FDCs

2018 (September 15) - [T20180915]
India - Serbia
70 years of diplomatic relations between both countries. Twin issue [T1].
Identical stamps. Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) and Swami Vivekananda (1863-1902). Multicolored.

2 stamps per country – souvenir sheet (India) – FDCs – mixed FDCs



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