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Joint Stamp Issues - News

The most recent information about Joint Stamp Issues is reported here. The very most recent data will always be displayed at the top. This information will mainly deal with issues to come, in other words issues to watch, and for which not enough data are yet available to be transferred in the description sections. It will also contain discoveries from collectors. All possible sources will be explored and if someone has data to share, those will be reported here as well. However this page cannot be interactive, as information does not appear at regular intervals (and the webmaster is not available daily). Furthermore, most of the information will need to be checked before being posted. Different colors will highlight modifications compared to initial texts if information exchanges with collectors provide contradictory opinions or supplementary data. Whenever possible or relevant, links with the original source will be provided. However, these links will not be re-checked for activity. At the end of each quarter, this page will be archived and from that point not updated anymore as the final and updated information will be available in the catalogue section (see on the left side "years" section)

July 27, 2020
Several topics from the previous post triggered interest from collectors:

Adityatama R. Hafizhan from Indonesia, Nedjmeddine Boudaren from Algeria and Kenneth Sequeira from Dubai, provided all three the same explanation about the COVID-19 Indonesia stamps bearing the mention United Arab Emirates discovered by Don Birschel, USA. These are definitely not joint issues and simply personalized stamps produced by the Indonesia Post. Apparently Indonesia accepts any type of topic and Adityatama provided some other examples of Indonesia stamps illustrated with topics related to Azerbaijan. In particular, this specific UAE-related miniature sheet was ordered by the Emirates Philatelic Association (EPA) and produced at 1,000 samples. These stamps are not listed in the official Indonesia philatelic program, but can be used on mails sent from Indonesia. All these custom-made stamps are characterized by the small Prisma logo next to the Indonesia word. Thanks all of you for this information.

Don Birschel found the first stamp illustrated with the International Day of Family Remittance (IDFR) 2020 campaign with the "Building resilience in times of crisis" design proposed by UPU. Bulgaria issued one stamp on June 16, 2020, the recommended day of issue. We have no other example to show so far.

Several collectors provided information about the 2020 Euromed issue (Jeff Courtright, USA - Don Birschel, USA - Cesar Ittmann, The Netherlands). So far the following countries have issued stamps: Croatia (July 13, 2020) - Cyprus (July 9) - France (July 10) - Greece (July 20) - Lebanon (July 17) - Malta (July 9) - Morocco (July 13) - Portugal (July 10) - Slovenia (July 9) - Spain (July 13) - Tunisia (July 15) - Turkey (July 13).

Eric Chan (Hong Kong) reports that Macau issued a reprint series of the Grande Baia Guangdong Hong Kong Macau area stamp, issued originally on September 26, 2019. These identical stamps can be differentiated from the original ones through the mention at the bottom right of the printer with "S251 (1/1) CARTOR REIMP 2020" replacing "S251 (1/1) CARTOR imp. 2019". By looking at details on this stamp, I found an interesting article related to ATM in Macau describing in details this 2019 stamps .

Nedjmeddine Boudaren, Algeria, provided several information about the common (non-fake) COVID issue. Even more recently Ali Ahmed Med Achour, Algeria, completed the information with dates and additional pictures. Known release dates are as follows: Guinea Bissau (April 27, 2020), Central African Republic (April 27),  Sao Tome and Principe (June 8), Niger (June 10), Djibouti (June 12), South Sudan, (July 21, 2020). Centrafrica issued stamps in a miniature sheet and a souvenir sheet, as well as a postal card (postal stationery); Guinea Bissau produced as a booklet with 10 stamps and a souvenir sheet; Sao Tome issued a stamp in sheetlets of 9 units [3x3] and a postal card; Niger released a pair of stamps in miniature sheets of 5 pairs available also in booklets and a souvenir sheet with two stamps and QR code: Djibouti produced three se-tenant stamps available in miniature sheets of three strips; South Sudan issued 6 different stamps and a souvenir sheet. Senegal issued also a stamp and a souvenir sheet apparently on July 20, 2020. We are still missing information about Mali (which confirmed they would participate) and Kenya. Participation of Bulgaria is now doubtful, while it is not excluded that other countries may join or be discovered during the next months.

Nedjmeddine could also provide additional information about the African philatelic hub stamp from Guinea, discovered by Jaap Sarelse and reported earlier. It appears that this stamp could be part of a new joint issue involving up to 13 postal administrations (Burkina Faso, Burundi, Central Africa, Congo, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Togo). A convention was signed between these countries and some of them will be produced by Stamperija. The convention may have instructed participating postal administrations to use "again" the logo of the African Philatelic Hub with the 2016 design (already agreed by Morocco, Mauritania, Burkina Faso and Senegal). Nedjemeddine confirms that, next to Guinea, the Niger stamp was already under production in June. Delays or even drop-outs may be consequence of the pandemic.

The Arab League is celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2020. So far, UAE and Egypt have already issued stamps with apparently a similar design based on the figure "75" and the symbol of the League. We do not have access to dates of issue of these stamps yet, but, as other countries will participate, we will have to define later if all these issues belong to a joint series. Any information from Arab League countries is welcome.


The following request came from Bernard Quirin and raised an ethical question which seems to be fully relevant. Up to now, we have used the term 'siamese issues' to describe pairs of stamps attached to each other but linked to two different countries. Although being originating from a commonly accepted medical term, the words 'siamese twins' refer to a type of birth malformation that is not typical to Siam or Thailand. It happens that the first well-described example of 'siamese twins' came from this area. In the meantime, the term 'siamese twins' went beyond medical practice and can be found in art, music, games or even astronomy, actually as a commonly admitted term. In order to remain politically correct, the english Wikipedia is now preferring the synonym term 'conjoined twins', but German, Spanish, Italian or French Wikipedia descriptions continue using the word 'Siamese twins'. So, there is nothing extraordinary to have used so far this same term in philately and joint issue collection, but it is understandable that it can hurt some people in the same way, some centuries ago, the 'Italian disease' or the 'French Disease' terms did hurt French and Italian people when speaking about some venereal diseases spread by soldiers from these countries. More recently, we know that the 'Spanish flu' was probably originating from the USA, while Spain remains 'responsible' for this pandemic, which is not the case. On the basis of our own society ethics rules, we have to avoid employing words and sentences that could hurt people either on the basis of geographic, race, political or religious characteristics and we aim at remaining as neutral as possible. Additionally, the word 'siamese' refers in priority to the country Siam, indirectly to Thailand, and a Google search for 'siamese stamp issues' gives mainly information about early Thailand stamps. This is another good reason not to use this word in the future for our purpose. So, it was decided to avoid using 'siamese twins' from now on, and the proposed replacement words could be "Se-tenant twin stamps". In one sense, we are lucky as with this new description, we can keep the letter "S" to define these sub-category of stamps. Of course, we will not change history and it not only will make non-sense to correct the past written documents and the catalogue, but this task is impossible. We will take in account this new way of describing these stamps from now on, in this web site as well as in the new versions of the catalogue and supplements. It will take years and probably centuries until the word 'siamese' disappears from the medical vocabulary, but we hope that at least at our level, we have brought our small contribution. We just hope that at a certain point, other requests will not oblige us to reconsider the use of words such as 'black' or even 'white' which would definitely be a very poor sign of tolerance.

July 5, 2020
Sorry for this long period without update. We are in a complicated period, with limited information available and a lot of postponement of events and stamp issues. Several collectors did send some information and discoveries, but at the same time, as a consequence of the pandemic situation, a lot of postal authorities did postpone, if not cancel, their issues during the past three months. In the following, we will try to summarize all this, but any information is welcome even from countries usually with good marketing.

First data collected from members and society side:
- I did not get bad news about our members'health and at least, from the side of my regular contacts (Italy, the Netherlands, USA, North Africa, ...), it seems that everybody is in good shape and at least was not hit badly by the disease. Obviously, I have not been informed about each individual member, but I hope that this message finds all of you and your friends and relatives in good shape. Here in France, everything is going well, even if in our small region, we were the first and the most affected area by the disease, and we hope this belongs now to the past and can only improve. As the first area of France being hit by the coronavirus, we are also the first area slowly recovering.
- further improvements are also seen since beginning of June at the level of communication and some travelling became possible as well. Masks and social distancing constraints remain mandatory for all, but travels within countries and between some countries are possible since July 1st (actually for EU citizens, travels are now authorized for and from 15 countries such as Canada, Australia or Rwanda (!) on top of the EU countries), but still not yet authorized to the USA, Central and South America, China or Russia. Italy for example is open, but there is still no decision taken regarding the new Milanophil dates which still could take place before end of the year. Actually it will take some two or three months before some regular flights are again in place between this first set of countries
- in France, the first philatelic meetings for societies will not be authorized before September 1st, if the situation continues to improve. So, we will also have to wait a couple of month before getting authorization to organize such meetings in France. On the bad news side, the major French philatelic journal "Timbres Magazine" went bankrupcy, but apparently was taken over by Yvert&Tellier and should continue to be published
- Finally, as I told you, the 2020 Supplement to the catalogue is ready since March, but as the printer was closed until two weeks ago, we hope that the printed booklet will be available before mid-July. Enzo is taking care of that and we will keep you informed.

The situation about joint issues that were supposed to be released during this period or within the next weeks is as follow:

We finally got the picture of the Georgia stamp (May 13, 2020) issued jointly with Poland (April 10, 2020) (Information provided by Cesar Ittmann, the Netherlands).

Med Achour Ali Ahmed (Algeria) mentionned as early as May 27, 2020 a series of common stamps related to the COVID-19 situation and involving the following countries: Central Africa Republic, Guinea-Bissau, Niger, Djibouti, Sao-Tomé and Principe. Don Birchel, USA provided additional information. Leo Van der Velden (South Sudan Philatelic Society) provided information stating South Sudan would participate also to this issue. This stamp would be the first stamp issued since 8 years by this country. From this source, we learned that additionally to the above list, the following countries could also participate: Bulgaria, Mali and Kenya. In total about 12 countries could participate. The only first date of issue known to date is for Guinea-Bissau: April 27, 2020. We will wait until more information is available, to decide how to integrate this issue.

In particular, in the meantime, the Mali postal administration published a press release dated June 15, 2020, in which it is clearly stated that Mali never issued stamps related to COVID (as well as stamps related to the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale) and that the ones that are on sale right now (illustration below) must be considered as fakes. The situation may probably be the same for the similar Gabon stamps.

Don Birschel (USA) found also the following COVID souvenir sheet from Indonesia with UAE overprints in the margin. We have no idea what is the relationship between both countries as information is scarce. Any help is welcome.

In summary, the situation remains quite confuse regarding all COVID related stamps that appeared during the April-June 2020 period. Before stating if they should be considered as joint, we will wait for another couple of months for information coming from other countries. There are great probabilities that if considered as joint, they may still remain in the category Omnibus series. Any additional information is welcome.

Med Achour Ali Ahmed confirmed also that in August 2020 (exact date not disclosed yet), Algeria and Tunisia are expected to issue joint stamps related to Majerda Oued, a 106 km long river with about half of its length in each country, with its source in Algeria, crossing this country over 50 km and finishing in the Tunis Golf in the Mediterranean sea. Design is not available yet either.

Don Birschel (USA) found a series of stamps celebrating the 100th anniversary of Pope John-Paul II. These stamps will have to be considered as omnibus series. Countries that participated to this issue include Central Africa, Chad, Djibouti, Guinea-Bissau, Niger, Sao Tome, Sierra Leone and Togo. First day of issue seems to be May 1, 2020. Each country issued 4 stamps portraying Pope John-Paul II. All stamps are different. Each stamp is available as perforated and imperforated, produced in miniature sheets [4x3] of 5 or 6 stamps together respectively with 7 or 6 labels representing buildings. The complete series include 32 sets of miniature sheets. As only 200 full sets have been printed are available (from Stameperija), we cannot recommend to include this series as a true joint issue.

Also from Jaap: Stamperija produced in 2020 (exact date unknown), a stamp almost identical to the 2016 stamps issued at the occasion of the creation of the African philatelic hub. Only difference: it mentions clearly the 4th anniversary and of course cannot be considered as part of this joint issue.

Jeff Courtright (USA) updated the society with all the information he collected about the Euromed stamps to be released next week. So far this issue will include the following countries which will release their stamps on July 13, 2020: Croatia (actually on July 9 for this country); France (1 stamp, [6x7], 500,000); Greece (1 stamp); Portugal (July 10); Slovenia (1 stamp; [5x5], printed 40,000). For the time being, information is missing for stamps from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Lybia, Malta, Morocco, Palestine, Spain, Tunesia.
In the meantime, PUMed increased also to 22 members with Montenegro as the latest country member to join (June 24, 2020). So, on top to the above countries and Montenegro, the following countries which have never participated to the EuroMed issue could also join: Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Italy, Mauritania, Monaco, Syria.

Enzo Cafaro, in contact with several postal authorities could provide the following information:
The Nomad Games were cancelled and therefore the associated joint issue as well. However three out of the four participating countries (exit Uzbekistan) decided to maintain a joint issue. Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and Ukraine will issue stamps on September 4, 2020, with a new topic related to Architecture.

On May 11, 2020 the UPU did send a letter to all their members with the proposal to create at individual levels a common stamp at the occasion of the International Day of Family Remittance (IDFR) 2020 campaign "Building resilience in times of of crisis". Design in several languages of the stamp was provided. The recommended issue date was June 16, 2020. In other words, UPU asked to their members, to accept, modify, approve and print a new stamp on top of their existing program, within a time frame of less than 5 weeks! Now, three weeks after the official issue date, it seems that not a single country issued a stamp.

Some questions about older issues came from philatelists who were locked down and had plenty of time to take a more closer look at their collection ;-) :

Jaap Sarelse provided also additional pictures related to the 2002 Soccer World Championship to include in the omnibus series (Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada of Grenadines, Guyana, Sierra Leona and Palau). The list is probably not complete yet. Exact dates of issues are unknown, but apparently all stamps were issued in April 2002.

May 25, 2020
The Poland Slovakia stamp celebrating the 100th birthday of Pope John Paul II (1920-2005) was issued as scheduled on May 13, 2020 by Poland and on May 18, 2020 by Slovakia. The stamp was issued by both countries in for of miniature sheets of 6 with 6 labels, the label representing Pope John Paul II with Cardinal Jan Chryszostom Korec (1924-2015) in Nitra, Slovakia, 1995. Karol Josef Wojtyla, Pope John Paul II, was born in Wadowice on May 18, 2020.

Cesar ittmann (The Netherlands) provided information about a new joint issue between Belarus and Russia issued on May 8, 2020 celebrating the 75th anniversary of victory in the great patriotic war. This is a parallel issue with two different designs, but both showing a church in the stamp. The margin of the Russian souvenir sheet provides images of bas-reliefs with Soviet soldiers repeating the subjects of postal stamps of the  Path to Victory  series issued in the period of 2016–2020 (among which several were involved in joint issues during these five years).

Ali Husnain (Pakistan) provided some information about identical souvenir sheets issued in 2002 by Antigua, Guyana, Nevis and Guyana to celebrate the World Soccer championship. It was difficult to find additional information (with the exception of the date of issue of the Guyana souvenir sheet issued on April 26, 2002) and in particular to find good quality images. It appeared that these stamps were produced by each country together with another souvenir sheet similar in terms of global design but with different main pictures, but also together with two miniature sheets with 6 different stamps each. By scrolling through the year 2002 and focusing on this soccer world championship 2002, it was discovered that countries not involved in this championship (such as Liberia, Gambia, Guyana, Sierra Leone, Grenadines, Antigua, ...) produced by dozen if not more than hundred similar stamps at this occasion. Clearly, all these stamps cannot be considered as joint as they were produced centrally on a private basis. We will just report the identical design stamps in the catalogue under the chapter Omnibus series.

We came to the same conclusion when Jaap Sarelse (The Netherlands) and Cesar Ittmann (The Netherlands) inquired about the stamps recently issued by Central Africa, Sierra Leone and Guinea Bissau (and probably other to come) and in relation with the COVID-19 pandemic. These stamps are definitely not to be considered as joint.

Jaap Sarelse reported about two stamps released on May 5, 2020 by Portugal to celebrate the 30th anniversary of AICEP. Unfortunately and despite the fact that all AICEP country names appear on the stamps, it seems that this pair will remain a standalone item. Any information from other countries is welcome. Mozambique and Macau have already stated they will not issue a similar stamp.

Finally, Jaap Sarelse (The Netherlands) could also collect the following information regarding the Lech Kaczynski stamps issued between Poland and Georgia. Polish stamps were issued as scheduled on April 10, 2020. Georgian postal administration informed Jaap that the Georgian stamps have been printed in France but remained blocked in the country due to the shutdown of airline flights. The Georgian Post is waiting the supply before announcing the release of the stamp.

April 26, 2020
In these troubled time, the information about stamps is scarce and the postal and philatelic activities are quite limited. Stamp issue programs may beimpacted or delayed during the next couple of months. Latest news about Milanofil 2020 and the associated ActNow stamps include the following:
- The event Milanofil will be postponed and not cancelled, but the date is still not clear (first attempt September 2020)
- Belarus has alreadt postponed the issue of its ActNow stamp to September (actually will fit with the new Milanofil event dates) without more precise information (initial date of issue was March 27, 2020)
- Stamps for Finland, Russia and Estonia were issued by PetersPost (see illustration below). Those are not Finnish, Russian or Estonian official stamps. Peterspost is a private postal and courrier service company authorized to take care of mails on domestic Russian (St Petersburg, Moscow) and foreign delivery lines (Finland, Estonia). PetersPost issues also it own stamps. These stamps are valid on mail dropped in their own mail boxes in the countries were this company is operating. However this is a private entity. Regarding the Peterspost stamps linked to ActNow, these designs were just taken by the private company, and for this reason these stamps will not be considered as part of the joint issue (even if on their web site they claim being Joint Issues). Estonia was contacted by Jaap Sarelse (The Netherlands) and confirmed that PetersPost simply used the design to print a series of Estonian "MyStamp" stamps. Another reason not to include these stamps in the collection (unless you collect also private post stamps).

Ali Ahmed Med Achour (Algeria) provided information about a next joint issue between Tunisia and Algeria. A postage stamp dedicated to Oued Majerda straddling the two countries will be issued in August 2020. Called Bagrada in Antiquity, the Medjerda or Majerda is a river which originates in the region of Souk-Ahras in Algeria and then flows east over a length of 106 km including 50 km in the Algerian territory before emptying into the Gulf of Tunis in the Mediterranean.

Grzegorz Omelanczuk (Poland) provided information about a joint issue involving Georgia and Poland. This "We remember 2010-2020" issue advertised as a joint issue with Georgia was released on April 10, 2020. The stamp depicts former President of Poland Lech Kaczyński who died in an aircrash on April 10, 2010. The Poland stamp was issued. There is no information available from Georgia.

April 1, 2020
The News from the period January to March 2020 have been archived.

All previous information reported in this section is to be found in the News Archives.


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