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Starting January 1, 2022, this Joint Stamp Issues web site has been transferred to a new site to be found under the address
This site will remain accessible until at least end of 2022, but not updated anymore. It will be erased when all the archived information will have been completely transfered to the new site.

Joint Stamp Issues - Web links


Most recent update: August 2003 (needs a serious lifting, I know)

General links

General information about joint issues

JSIS (former IPS-JSIC) (Richard Zimmermann - this site)
Spanish Joint Stamp Issues (Julio Casquero)
Chinese site (Yefei Sun)
European issues (Jacky Panhuyzen)
Europa-stamps blog (Jurgen Haepers)
Enrico Prous' site
Emissions Franco- étrangères (Online exhibition, in French)

Sites giving detailed information about stamps
Postal rates
Inter Governmental Philatelic Agency

Linn's Stamp News

International Stamp news (new)

Multilingual Philatelic Vocabularies


Detailed descriptions of recent issues, frequently with pictures, are available on the net under the following addresses. As these comments are added as they appear older links might be dead. The information stays however, in order to show in which type of site (not necessarily philatelic sites), this information appears.

General information about joint issues:

Two general papers on joint issues have appeared in Linns Stamp News, one written in the December 28, 1998 issue by Denise McCarty under the title "Many countries release joint issues in 1998"  ( ) and the other one written in the January 25, 1999 issue by Michael Baadke (refresher course) and entitled "Joint issues show international postal accord" ( ). A summary of all issues involving USA is given in this paper. 
The French Philatelic Administration reproduces in extenso an article published in its journal Philinfo and described the interest of collecting Joint Issues: This article contains a mistake when giving examples of Se-tenant joint issues which are unfortunately all wrong. Earlier, in 1998, in the same journal another general paper on joint issue had already been published ( (French).

And finally, the catalogue of Joint issues is gratefully described by Carlos Pimenta in "Filatelia em Portugal" under (Portuguese).

Information dated August 2003:

If you are found of art, stamps are a very nice way to start building up your own museum. Under the address http://stamp PushkinMuseum.htm you can find a nice presentation of the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts with several pages devoted to the author Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin (1799-1837). It is illustrated with a series of stamps among which of course the 1997 Israel-Russia joint issue souvenir sheet.
Art is also the main part of the following web page: Under the title "Famous Mexicans on their Stamps. Frida Kahlo - A tormented Soul on Display by Peter Laux" you will find a detailed story of the life of Frida Kahlo, illustrated with several stamps and paintings.

The Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Arab Republic of Egypt has its own web pages and present also data on Chinese stamps. Actually, the most important page is to be found under and describes in full details the most recent (October 12, 2001) joint issues with Egypt.

Data about the Russian stamps are now available on a completely new revamped site from the Publishing and Trading Centre Marka. The most recent philatelic program for Russia is also described, although the 2004 program was only available in full text in Russian the last time I checked. Details about stamps are given as well and for example, the most recent Carillon stamps involving Belgium is available under

Hungarian stamps and 2003 philatelic program with detailed description of stamps can be found under
Of course the most recent joint Croatian-Hungarian stamp is described there.

More information about our 2002 winning joint issue Malaysia Singapore is available under The welcome address by Mr. Leong Keng Thai, acting chief executive officer/Director General (Telecoms) of Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore is given in full length.

Information about the most recent prestige stamp booklet on corals issued by Hong Kong is available under html/030411en04003.htm.

The 2004 Champlain joint issue involving Canada and France and perhaps the US seems to be confirmed. More information about the reason and the real story is available under

Finally, Maria Rodriguez discovered a site dedicated to European series among which Joint issues involving European countries. These pages corresponding actually to a list of countries and stamps was written by Jacky Panhuyzen and can be reached under /jap.stamps/ index.htm

Information dated August 2002:

There is again an access possible to the Chinese Postal administration web site. Description of recent joint issues involving China are available under .htm (with Kazakstan), /2000-18.htm (with Cuba), /2000-19.htm (with Brazil) and /2001-9.htm (with Belgium)
Among the huge information related to the Frida Kahlo stamp, there is the paper written in Linn's by Bill McAllister under archives/20010806/news3.asp and entitled "Helms, newspaper attack Frida Kahlo stamp.

There is presently a huge promotion campaign made by Stanley Gibbons for their new philatelic site called Stamp Cafe. This site has been designed to address the problem of filing gaps between the release of a new stamp issue and the publication of this information in magazines and catalogues. I must admit presently that the site looks nice, however is still uncomplete. Details provided by postal administrations about new issues are linked to each stamp. Most of the information is available on line

China is providing a one-page information sheet related to each new issue and of course one describing the recent joint issues. The stamp for the successful bid for housing the 2008 Olympic games at Beijing is to be found under 2001-s2. The issue with Egypt is under the same address at 2001-20 and with Portugal under 2001-23.

There is a nice site describing all stamps produced by the Swedish engraver Czeslaw Slania. He reached recently the amazing number of a thousand engraved stamps. The stamps are well described and a lot of details related to first day covers and cancellations are also given. Of course he participated also to some joint issues as for example the stamps produced for Switzerland (Switzerland) or Australia (Australia Sweden2001).

The Mercosul series of December 12, 2001, showing endemic flowers was announced as a joint issue by Brazil and described in details under Argentina describes the stamp of this series under and Uruguay under

North Korea provides now a lot of information about their new issues in a nice informative site under Data of this country's stamps cover the past 20 years and is written in English language.

eBay is the classical site when you look for stamp auctions. I found another nice site that looks similar, but with the great advantage that it is only dealing with philatelic items. This Belgium site run by Seb Delcampe is located under Seb Delcampe runs also the official site of the 2002 international philatelic exhibition Fila Kortrijk 2002 held between July 11 and July 14, 2002 to be found under Details about the very recent issues involving Belgium and Portugal or Croatia are given there.

Details about recent joint issues can be found under following addresses: (Czech Republic, freshwater pearl oyster, 6 June 2002), (Malaysia, 27 June 2002),

Rob Vlaardingerbroek runs a Dutch and English site dealing mostly with Scandinavian countries. You can find there a web page on St. Brendan's voyages to Iceland and the Faeroes, illustrated with the April 18, 1994 joint stamps. Take a look at

The summer of 2004 will mark the 400th anniversary of the French settlement at St. Croix Island, near Calais, Maine and St. Stephen, New Brunswick. All information in preparation to commemorate this event are to be found under This include the preparation of commemorative stamps and coins to be issued in Canada, the US and France.

Information dated October 2001:

Take a look at the philatelic section of the new site of the National Archives of Canada to be found under and available in both official languages. It is amazing how much information can be found on this site. You can get details about each single stamp issued by the Canadian postal administration since stamps exist including explanation texts of sometimes several pages. Of course I went through all joint issues produced by Canada and collected astonishing information. The site is still improving, as links exists with related documents to each stamp providing therefore lots of supplementary information. This is probably the best site describing in details the philatelic heritage of a single country.

Details about single issues are given for recent stamps either by postal administrations, by newspaper websites or by dealer's website. Among them, here are interesting ones:
Hong Kong China - Australia joint issue on dragon boat races: see and new01062. Details of available products are listed under unfortunately only in Chinese.
The Australia Sweden Daniel Solander 2001 issue is reported as a press release under
I found also a nice and long text written in Portuguese and English about the 1999 Brazil China joint issue under

Information dated December 1999:

The postal administration of Israel has now also a very nice site showing the latest issues of this country among them the Belgium Israel issue Ensor and the very recent Israel - Slovakia stamps slovakia.


Information dated October 1999:

Data and pictures of the Baltic Joint Issue (August 23 1999), can be found with the Philatelic Study Group Former USSR and under .
Related to the recent production of the F. Chopin stamp, the French Postal Administration published an article about the musician and the joint issue with Poland: (French). Further data can be found under (French).

The Christmas issues produced between Finland and Italy can already be found pictured under

The recently discovered siamese stamp issue between Tonga and the Niuafo'ou Islands (July 4th, 1998) can be found under the website of the New Zealand post under
Another site with older issue is the web site of the Brazilian post which features joint issues released in 1997, such as the Padre Antonio Vieira (June 9th, 1997). To be found under


Information dated July 1999:

Personal comments on the China Switzerland joint issue were given by Victor Manta under

The Chinese Postal Administration proposes also a nice web site in which all stamps issued since 1991 are described in Chinese and English Joint issues are of course also reported and can be found under the heading of the year followed by the number of issue (Example: the China-Switzerland issue will be found under Other examples can be found under 1992-10 (China - Japan, diplomatic relations), 1994-15 (China - USA, cranes), 1995-11 (China - Thailand), 1995-15 (China - Australia), 1995-27 (China - Korea, cable system), 1996-8 (China - San Marino, ancient buildings), 1996-28 (China - Singapore, architecture), 1997-7 (China - Sweden, pheasants), 1997-17 (China - New Zealand, roses), 1998-19 (China - Germany, Puning Temple and Wurzburg Palace), 1998-20 (China - France, Palace museum and Louvre), 1999-5 (China - Russia, deers). 
Under 1999picata Chinese covers and cards including some mixed covers can also be found. The same listing can be obtained for the year 1998 under 1998picata, the previous years being still under preparation.

The same site gives access to Macau stamp information macaustamp using the same presentation for isolated stamps, i.e. 1999-4 (first flight Lisboa-Macau). 

The Slovakian Postal Administration presents all stamps issued since 1993 on single description sheets under and in English. As for the previously described Chinese site, all stamps can be found with pictures under the year and date of issue (1993/9306, 1993/9307, 1993/9308, 1993/9309, 1993/9314, 1996/96102, 1999/99172). Complete descriptions appear only since 1996. The last issue (99172e - Juraj Haulik) even pictures the Kroatian stamp.

Both Singapore ( and Hong Kong, China ( have announced  the July 1st, 1999 tourism issue on the web. Under the same address (, Singapore describes and pictures the August 12th butterfly issue with Sweden.

If you are looking for some information on Japanese stamps, I suggest the following address: which unfortunately still contains some Japanese characters in the English text.


Information dated May 1999: Uruguayan post offices with details on the Southern Common Market Mercosur and the stamp issued by Uruguay on September 26th, 1997; "The symbol of Mercosur" (English) StampsOnline's Collector's Corner with details on the US and Mexican Cinco de Mayo issue (April 16th, 1998) and the US and Israeli Hannukah issue; English); for these two issues see also and Moreover all Cinco de Mayo special cancellations can be found under

Under the following address, I discovered also but late how to proceed in order to prepare joint issue combination covers for the Cinco de Mayo stamps with the US philatelic services. More information on this issue can be found under : is a non philatelic web page dedicated to Norman Bethune, but the stamp issued by Canada together with China is represented on a special page (English).

The Swedish post gives information about the King Sigismund issue, October 3rd, 1998 under (English).

The same type of information - story, picture and technical details - is given by the Singapore Post on the Singapore-Thailand joint stamp issue (October 9th, 1997) and the Singapore Australia joint issue (August 6th, 1998) respectively under and (English).

New Zealand and Turkish stamps from the March 18th, 1998 issue are depicted by the New Zealand Post website www.nzstamps (English).

The French Post website gives little information, but pictures, on the recently issued French Chinese stamps ( (French). A little bit more information is given by the German finance office on the German Chinese issue under

Older data were discovered on a website written by the Mexican Post and related to the Canadian-Mexico "Animal species" issue from August 15th, 1995 ( (Spanish) and from the Latvian post about the "old Baltic ships" issue from May 5th, 1997 Some information on older Russian issues (Pushkin, Baltic offshore nature), but also on the 1999 program can be found in English under the address

All joint issues from Italia, the Vatican and San Marino released between 1996 and 1998 are described in details in the Web pages of the Italian philatelic journal, "Cronaca Filatelica" which can be found under (St. Adalbert, diplomatic relations with China, RAMOGE, Marco Polo, John Cabot, Queen Paola, Christofer Colombo and Venezuela, Stamp day, Human rights day, Mother Teresa).

Other links of interest:

For general search on philatelic information, we recommend the following links: Fabio Alarici's site, to my opinion the best link to all postal office currently available on the web. All adresses of Philatelic services on the web are given there, country per country, and updated regularly. For getting information on new issues it is the best starting point. Be careful: the address of this site was changed recently (January 2001). Do not use the old address. Highly recommended.

PhilaGuide (The Golden Guide for Philatelist) to be found under is also a very interesting Philatelic Internet Portal with extensive link directories of philatelic websites (all hyperlinked), multilingual philatelic dictionaries, philatelic publications, special about philately in Holland, and much more.... : the search engine for Stamp collectors - everything related to philately on the web should be found there. If not don't try something else. Joe Luft's web links site collects all web sites related to philately. Excellent. Updated very regularly. selection of very nice philatelic sites, in the case in which you start to become interested in a new topic. : TWC's Central/Eastern Europe philatelic resources : Czech stamps philatelic site : Information on stamps (buying or exchanging) : site listing links to other philatelic sites with adresses of Societies and Postal Administrations :all recent information/news related to stamps

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