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Starting January 1, 2022, this Joint Stamp Issues web site has been transferred to a new site to be found under the address
This site will remain accessible until at least end of 2022, but not updated anymore. It will be erased when all the archived information will have been completely transfered to the new site.

New Issues 2017 (October - December)

This page collects only issues released during the year 2017, period October to December. 

As it is not such obvious as it looks to find this information, this list is probably not yet complete. In certain countries, joint issues are often announced on the day of the issue and sometimes it takes months before this information and the corresponding stamps reach us. Data on missing issues or supplementary information, particularly for countries, which are producing joint issues exceptionally, will be highly appreciated.

Most recent update of this section on June 10 , 2018.

2017 (October 20) - [T20171020]
Canada - United States of America
100th Anniversary of the Ice Hockey League. Twin issue [T1].
Identical stamps. A, Ice hockey player from the past wearing hat and scarf; B, today’s ice hockey player wearing helmet and protective gear. Multicolored.

2 stamps (self-adhesive) - miniature sheet - souvenir sheet with 2 stamps - FDC - mixed FDC with two pairs of stamps - mixed FDC with both souvenir sheets


2017 (October 25) - [T20171025]
Armenia - Iran
Relationship - Mosque and cathedral. Twin issue [T1].
Identical souvenir sheets with 2 stamps. A, Persian Blue Mosque, located in Yerevan, Armenia; B, Armenian Holy Savior Cathedral located in Isfahan, Iran. Multicolored.

Souvenir sheet with two stamps - FDC

2017 (October 26) - [P20171026]
India - Russia
70th anniversary of diplomatic relations. Parallel issue [P1].
Similar stamps, but not identical and format also different. Folk dances: dance Beryozka, slavonic ritual folk dance; dance Bhavai from Rajasthan. Multicolored.

2 stamps - souvenir sheet with 2 stamps (India) - miniature sheet (Russia) - FDCs - mixed FDC with 4 stamps

2017 (October 27) - [T20171027]
French Austral and Antarctic Territories (FAAT) - Greenland
Nordia 2017 exhibition. Twin issue [T1].
Identical stamps, but only stamp B is common, the two others being labels for the partner country. Birds: A, Emperor Penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri) (*); B, South polar skua (Stercorarius maccormicki) and Arctic tern (Sterna paradisae); C, White-tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla); Multicolored.

2 stamps - souvenir sheets - FDCs - mixed FDC with all four stamps

2017 (October 30) - [T20171030]
Azerbaijan - Turkey
Inauguration of the Baku - Tbilissi - Kars railway. Twin issue [T1].
Identical souvenir sheets. Map, railway, train, landscape, buildings, castles, flags. Multicolored.

Souvenir sheet with 1 stamp - FDCs

2017 (October 31) - [T20171031]
Belarus - Kazakhstan - Russia
25th anniversary of Interstate Television and Radio Company “Mir”. Twin issue [T1].
Identical stamps. Logo of the anniversary with figure “25”. Multicolored.

1 stamp - miniature sheets - FDCs - mixed FDC with all 3 stamps

2017 (November 9)
Pakistan - Turkey
70 years of diplomatic relationships. Twin issue [T1].
Identical souvenir sheets with two stamps. Portraits: A, Mehmet Akif Ersoy (1873-1936), national poet of Turkey; B, Allama Muhamad Iqbal (1877-1938), national poet of Pakistan; flags. Multicolored.

Souvenir sheet with 2 stamps - FDCs

2017 (November 14) - [T20171114a]
Israel - Russia
Friendship. Architecture: completion of construction of a church. Twin issue [T1].
Identical stamps. Cathedral of all Russian Saints, Gorny Covent, Ein Karem, built 1910-2017. Multicolored.

1 stamp - miniature sheet - FDCs - mixed FDC - mixed Souvenir Leaf - mixed maxi-cards

2017 (November 14) - [T20171114b]
South Korea - Sri Lanka
40 years of diplomatic relations. Dances. Twin issue [T1].
Identical stamps. A, The Female Kandyan Dancer: B, Chunaengjeon (Dance of the Spring Nightingale). Multicolored.

2 stamps (se-tenant for South Korea) - miniature sheet - souvenir sheet (Sri Lanka) - FDCs

2017 (November 16) - [T20171116]
Cambodia - China (PR)
Relationship. Twin issue [T1].
Identical stamps. Lion sculptures: Cangzhou Iron Lion and Buchen Temple Lion. Multicolored.

2 stamps - FDC - mixed FDC with all four stamps

2017 (November 23) - [T20171123]
Monaco (November 30) - Vatican
Christmas. Twin issue [T1].
Identical stamps. Paintings: artwork by Stefano Morri; A, “Annunciation of Our Lady”, with in the background, St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican and the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, built in Byzantine-Romanesque style in 1875, of the Principality of Monaco; B, “the Virgin and Child” dominating the scene framed on the bottom with the Palace of the Governatorato in Vatican City and the official residence of the ruling Prince of Monaco. Multicolored.

2 stamps - miniature sheets - booklet (Vatican) - mixed folder - mixed FDC

2017 (November 24) - [T20171124]
Estonia - Romania
Diplomatic relations; trees. Twin issue [T1].
Identical stamps. A, Rowan tree (Sorbus aucuparia); B: Spruce (Picea abies). Multicolored.

2 stamps - tête-bêche pairs (Estonia) - miniature sheet - FDCs - mixed FDC

2017 (December 6) - [C20171206]
Kazakhstan (December 25) - Poland
Army of Anders - Trail of Hope. Concerted issue [C1].
Identical stamps. Portrait of General Wladyslaw Anders (1892-1970) commander in chief of the Polish-Russian troops based in Kazakhstan in 1941, and Polish Camp in Kazakhstan; the Route of Hope (hope to liberate the home country) is the route taken by the Polish troops from Kazakhstan to Italy via Iran, Iraq, Palestine and Egypt between 1941 and 1945. Multicolored.

1 stamp - miniature sheet - FDCs

2017 (December 30) - [T20171230]
India - Papua New Guinea
National birds - Paradise bird and peacock. Twin issue [T1].
Identical stamps. A, Ragianna Bird of Paradise (Paradisaea ragianna), the national bird of Papua New Guinea; B, peacock (Pavo cristatus, the national bird of India. Multicolored.

2 stamps - souvenir sheet with 2 stamps - FDCs - mixed FDC with both souvenir sheets - stamp pack with both souvenir sheets


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