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Starting January 1, 2022, this Joint Stamp Issues web site has been transferred to a new site to be found under the address
This site will remain accessible until at least end of 2022, but not updated anymore. It will be erased when all the archived information will have been completely transfered to the new site.

New Issues 2017 (July - September)

This page collects only issues released during the year 2017, period July to September. 

As it is not such obvious as it looks to find this information, this list is probably not yet complete. In certain countries, joint issues are often announced on the day of the issue and sometimes it takes months before this information and the corresponding stamps reach us. Data on missing issues or supplementary information, particularly for countries, which are producing joint issues exceptionally, will be highly appreciated.

Most recent update of this section on June 10, 2018.

2017 (July 1) - [S20170701]
China PR - Hong Kong
20th anniversary of the return of Hong Kong to China PR. Twin and siamese issue [SD].
Identical stamps. A, people with flags, building, dragons; B, new buildings; C, new airport, train and bridge. Multicolored.

1 identical stamp - 2 additional stamps (China PR) - miniature sheets - FDCs - mixed FDC - souvenir sheet with stamps from both postal administrations

2017 (July 3) - [T20170703]
Russia - Thailand
120th anniversary of relationship. Twin issue [T1].
Identical stamps. King Chulalongkorn - Rama V (1853-1910) and Tsar Nicholas II (1868-1918) during their first meeting in 1897, at Peterhof Palace near Saint-Petersburg, design based on a photograph. Black and red.

1 stamp - miniature sheets - FDCs - mixed FDC - mixed maxi card

2017 (July 10) - [P20170710]
Croatia - Cyprus - France - Greece (June 27) - Jordan - Lebanon (July 8) - Malta - Morocco (August 16) - Portugal - Slovenia - Tunisia
Euromed/PUMed issue - Trees from the Mediterranean area. Parallel Issue [P1].
One to four stamps per country. Different trees: Croatia, Olive tree (Olea europaea); Cyprus, different tree branches forming a symbolic tree; France, trees, flowers and fruits from the 11 involved countries; Greece, Chios mastic tree (Pistacia lentiscus); Jordan, Spanish fir (Abies pinsapo) and Turkey or Austrian oak (Quercus cerris); Lebanon, Cedar tree (Cedrus libani); Malta, Araar or Sandarac tree (Tetraclinis articulata); Morocco, Cork oak (Quercus suber); Portugal, A, Oak (Quercus suber), B, Cataper (Pyrus bourgaerana), C, Strawberry tree (Arbustus unedo), D, Olive tree (Olea europeana); Slovenia, Strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo); Tunisia, olive trees, Lakarit and Zarrazi species (Olea europaea). Multicolored.

1 to 4 stamps per country - FDCs


2017 (August 8) - [P20170808]
Cambodia - Indonesia - Laos - Malaysia - Myanmar (November 11) - Philippines - Singapore - Thailand - Vietnam
ASEAN’s 50th anniversary. Parallel issue [P1].
Different stamps. National flowers: Cambodia, rumduol (Mitrella mesnyi orSphaerocoryne affinis); Indonesia, Jasmine flower (Jasminum officinale); Laos, Frangipani (Plumeria sp); Malaysia, Bunga raya (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis); Myanmar, Burma Padauk (Pterocarpus macrocarpus); Philippines, Sampaguita flowers (Jasmina sambac); Singapore, Vanda Miss Joachim (Papilionanthe ‘Miss Joaquim’); Thailand, Golden rain tree (Cassia fistula); Vietnam, Sacred lotus (Nelumbo nucifera). Multicolored.

1 stamp per country - souvenir sheets - FDCs - mixed folder with mint stamps from 7 countries (Laos and Myanmar excluded)

2017 (August 25) - [T20170825]
Austria - Hungary
150th anniversary of the issue of the first Austria-Hungary stamps. Twin issue [T1].
Identical stamps, stamps on stamps. Miniature sheet with two stamps representing stamps from 1867. Multicolored.

Souvenir sheet with two stamps - FDCs - mixed FDCs - mixed folder with both souvenir sheets first day cancelled

2017 (August 25) - [S20170825]
Luxembourg - Netherlands
‘Multilaterale Hertogpost’ stamp fair in s’Hertogenbosch (August 25-27, 2017). Siamese souvenir sheet [S].
Souvenir sheet with two stamps. Series of buildings from the seven participating countries. Multicolored.

Souvenir sheet with 2 stamps - mixed souvenir sheet - FDCs - mixed FDCs (with mixed souvenir sheet or with all souvenir sheets)


2017 (September 1) - [P20170901a]
France - Russia
Normandie-Niemen fighter squadron 75th anniversary (1942-2017). Parallel issue [P1].
Different stamps. Both stamps represent a Russian and a French pilot, a plane and the coat of arms of the regiment, but in completely different styles; Russian stamp is part of the series “Way to Victory”; Russian stamp is embossed with additional bronze paste. Multicolored.

1 stamp - FDCs - miniature sheet with 2 stamps and a lable (France)à miniature sheet with 7 stamps (Russia) - prestige booklet (Russia) - mixed FDC - mixed maxi card

2017 (September 1) - [P20170901b]
Malaysia (September 5) - Singapore
150th anniversary of the first Straits Settlements stamps (September 1, 1867). Parallel issue [P1].
Different stamps. 5 stamps representing the original overprinted Indian stamps and some covers for Singapore; 3 stamps issued by Malaysia and representing each 3 different original overprinted Indian stamps. Multicolored.

3 stamps (Malaysia) - 5 stamps (Singapore) (different) - miniature sheets - FDCs - mixed pack - mixed FDC with all 8 stamps

2017 (September 4) - [T20170904]
Croatia - Israel
20 years of relationship. Twin issue [T1].
Identical stamps. Flowers: Israeli Crown Anemone (Anemone coronaria) and Croatian Iris (Iris croatica), national flowers. Multicolored.

1 stamp - miniature sheet - FDCs - mixed FDC - mixed Souvenir Leaf - mixed maxi-cards

2017 (September 7) - [T20170907]
Indonesia - Singapore
50th anniversary of diplomatic relations. Marine life. Twin issue [T1].
Identical stamps. Corals and fishes. Multicolored.

2 stamps (se-tenant for Indonesia) - miniature sheet - souvenir sheet with two stamps - FDCs - mixed FDC with stamps - mixed FDC with souvenir sheets


2017 (September 9) - [N20170928]
Denmark - Sweden (November 16)
Winter flowers (5 stamps each). This is not a joint issue as these stamps were produced by the common postal administration PostNord which runs Swedish and Danish Post and there is no commemorative character.

2017 (September 12) - [T20170912]
Belarus - India
25th anniversary of diplomatic relationship. Twin issue [T1].
Identical stamps. Coat of arms of both countries. Multicolored.

1 stamp - miniature sheet (Belarus) - souvenir sheet (India) - FDCs - mixed FDC with both stamps

2017 (September 16) - [T20170916]
Belarus - Kazakhstan
25th anniversary of relationships. Twin issue [T1].
Identical stamps. Coat of arms of both countries. Multicolored.

1 stamp - miniature sheet - FDCs - mixed FDC with both stamps

2017 (September 21) - [S20170921]
Canada - India
Diwali festival. Siamese issue [S1].
Two identical stamps and a siamese souvenir sheet with one stamp from each country. Diwali light festival: light symbols, candles; the stamps from the siamese souvenir sheet are slightly different from the stamps printed in booklets or panes. Multicolored.

2 stamps (self-adhesive for Canada) - booklet (Canada) - souvenir sheet with 2 stamps (India) - FDC - siamese souvenir sheet - mixed FDC with two pairs of stamps - mixed FDC with siamese souvenir sheet


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