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Starting January 1, 2022, this Joint Stamp Issues web site has been transferred to a new site to be found under the address
This site will remain accessible until at least end of 2022, but not updated anymore. It will be erased when all the archived information will have been completely transfered to the new site.

New Issues 2005 (January - April)

This page collects only issues released during the year 2005, period January to April. 

As it is not such obvious as it looks to find this information, this list is probably not yet complete. In certain countries, joint issues are often announced on the day of the issue and sometimes it takes months before this information and the corresponding stamps reach us. Data on missing issues or supplementary information, particularly for countries, which are producing joint issues exceptionally, will be highly appreciated.

Most recent update of this section on January 7 , 2006.


2005 (January 4)
Australia - Christmas Island
Lunar new year. Year of the rooster. Territorial twin issue [TD].
Identical stamps, two stamps and a miniature sheet containing both stamps for Christmas Island; two prepaid covers and a postcard for Australia. Symbolic rooster. A mini-sheet containing 12 different zodiac animals and incorporating the miniature sheet was also produced. Multi-colored

2005 (February 2)
Argentina (February 5) - Thailand (February 2)

50 years of relationship between both countries. Twin issue [T1].
Identical stamps. Dances: Tango dance scene (Argentina) and classical Thai Klong Yao (Thailand) dancers. Multi-colored and metallized ink.
2 stamps per country - FDCs

2005 (February 9) - Niuafo’ou - Tonga
Year of the rooster. Territorial joint issue [PD].
Similar blocks of four stamps representing roosters and hens. Multicolored.

2005 (March 2)
Denmark (March 2) - Germany (March 3)

50th Anniversary of the Bonn-Copenhagen Declarations. Twin issue [T1].
Identical stamps. Joined flags from both countries. Multi-colored.
1 stamp per country - FDCs - dual FDC - dual maxi-card

2005 (March 2)
Denmark (March 2) - Malta (March 3)

200th birthday of Hans Christian Andersen (1805. Twin issue [T1].
Identical stamps. A, portrait of Hans Christian Andersen, signature; B, Andersen, the artist, paper cuts, scissors; C, Andersen, the writer, original manuscript, pen and inkpot, duck (the Ugly Duckling); D, Andersen, the traveler, drawing of the Casino dell’Orologio in the Villa Borghese in Rome, Moroccan traveling boots. Multi-colored.
4 stamps perc ountry - FDCs - Denmark issued mini-sheets and a prestige booklet containing 4 souvenir sheets

2005 (March 7)
Austria - Liechtenstein

Paintings - Peter Paul Rubens - Liechtenstein-Museum Vienna. Twin issue [T1].
Identical stamps. “Venus in front of a mirror”. Multi-colored.
One stamp per country - FDCs - dual FDC - dual maxi-card

2005 (March 17)
New Caledonia (March 17) - Wallis and Futuna (March 18)

French language: share of cultures. 20 years of the Champlain Alliance. Twin issue [T1].
Identical stamps. People reading a large book. Available in mini-sheets of 10 stamps in 5 rows of triptychs with central label telling “20 ans | de | l’Alliance | Champlain”; frame illustrated with coconut trees. Multi-colored.

2005 (March 29)
Ascension (April 29) - Bahamas (April 29) - Bermuda () - British Indian Ocean Territory () - Cayman () - Gibraltar (January 31) - Jamaica () - Kiribati (March 29) - Nauru (March 29) - Saint Helena (May 10) - Saint Lucia () - Tristan da Cunha (January 20)

200th anniversary of the battle of Trafalgar. Omnibus issue [OS] to be confirmed
Similar stamps except one identical stamp depicting HMS Victory and featuring a layer of actual timber from the original HMS Victory. Multi-colored. Usually 6 stamps and one souvenir sheet per country.

2005 (April 15)
Belarus - Russia

Nature. Twin issue [T1].
Identical souvenir sheets of 4 different stamps: spotted eagle, butterfly (Catacola sponsa), river beaver, badger. Multi-colored.
One souvenir sheet per country - FDCS

2005 (April 21)
Australia - Great Britain

World Heritage. Pacific Explorer 2005 Stamp Expo. Twin issue [T1].
Identical stamps, 8 stamps (four horizontal se-tenant pairs) per country. A, The Greater Blue Mountains area, NSW; B, Blenheim Palace, England; C, The Wet Tropics of Queensland; D, Stonehenge, England; E, Purnululu National Park, WA; F, Heart of Neolithic Orkney, Scotland; G, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, NT; H, Hadrian’s Wall, England. Multi-colored.
8 stamps per country - FDCs - Maximum cards - special presentation packs (one per country with all stamps of the country, mint) - mixed FDC cover - mixed presentation pack

2005 (April 21)
British Indian Ocean Territories (June 26) - Fiji (June 27) - Kiribati - Nauru - Saint Helena (June 24) - Solomon Islands

The route to victory. 60th anniversary of the end of World War II. Omnibus issue [OS] to be confirmed
Similar stamps. Multi-colored. 10 stamps se-tenant and one souvenir sheet per country.

2005 (April 22)
Canada - Ireland

Biosphere reserves; Canada Waterton's Lakes and the Republic of Ireland's Killarney National Park. Twin issue [T1].
Identical stamps. Multi-colored.
2 stamps and 1 souvenir sheet per country - FDCs


2005 (April 30)
Antilles (Netherlands) - Aruba - Netherlands

25 Years of the reign of Queen Beatrix. Twin territorial issue [TD].
Series of five se-tenant stamps issued in a souvenir sheet; each country issued the same set of five stamps. Five different portraits, among which one with Nelson Mandela. Multicolored.


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